Our Approach

The Problem

The Tri-Cities, WA region of nearly 300,000 people is the only major metropolitan area in Washington State that does not have a detox facility or an inpatient Recovery Center to treat and rehabilitate persons suffering from substance use and mental health disorders. These facilities are critical to stop the cycle of addiction and assist people to re-enter productive community life. Currently, only 1 in 10 Americans suffering from addiction receive any treatment at all.

Our Story

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The Facts

  • Addiction (Substance Use Disorder) is a primary, chronic, neurobiologic brain disease
  • 27 million Americans and their families are estimated to be in active addiction
  • Addiction affects people of all races, ages, sexes, and levels of education and income
  • The CDC reports approximately 106,000 drug overdose deaths in 2021 in the United States, in addition to an estimated 95,000 alcohol-related deaths
  • Treatment programs make long-term recovery from addiction possible

The Vision

A Recovery Center will provide the following services:

  • Treatment assessment
  • Medical withdrawal management (detox)
  • Residential inpatient treatment
  • Aftercare planning (recovery housing, job training assistance)
  • Research into treatment efficacy and methods
  • Adolescent Services

Recovery Center Benefits

  • Reduced healthcare and criminal justice costs - every $1 invested in substance use disorder treatment saves $4 in healthcare and $7 in criminal justice costs (US Surgeon General)
  • Reduced crime and recidivism, increased public safety
  • Timely treatment options for people ready to begin recovery
  • Reduced repeat visits to Emergency Rooms
  • Family education to increase treatment success rate
  • Allow for diversion programs (alternatives to jail) for minor drug-related offenses
  • A local employer resource to assist employees and their families seeking treatment
  • Attract highly qualified medical and mental healthcare providers to our region
  • Keep treatment dollars in the Tri-Cities
  • Raise the profile and pride of the Tri-Cities as a place of medical excellence in all fields

How Can You Help?

  • Educate yourself about recovery from the disease of addiction
  • Follow our 10-Point Plan
  • Contact your elected officials about their responsibility to establish a local Recovery Center for our community