2019-2020 Legislative Session Updates

HB2642 (No Wrong Door)

  • Passed both the House and the Senate UNANIMOUSLY!
  • This bill will save lives by decreasing wait times and allowing people to access treatment during their window of willingness.

HB2734 (Closing the Opioid Distributors Tax Break)

  • Sadly, 2734 did not pass this year. It is especially challenging to pass bills related to revenue and tax code during non-budget years in Olympia. But, we're not giving up!
  • We received very positive feedback from lawmakers about 2734 and the possibility of closing this tax break during next budget-year legislative session in 2021.
  • We learned from your meetings with lawmakers that there is confusion among some of them about the tax break this bill aims to close. We will be working with you between now and the 2021 session to address those misunderstandings so we can WIN this fight next year.

HB2793 (Clean Slate)

  • Clean Slate was scaled down to a study with a single-county pilot which will take place in 2021, and then passed both the House and the Senate!
  • The Administrative Office of the Courts will produce a report on how to implement a statewide system based on the pilot.
  • Without this groundwork, it would take several years to figure out how to automatically vacate records statewide.
  • We'll be working with the Public Defender's Association on a "Clean Slate 2.0" bill for the 2021 session to take what we learn from the one-county pilot and bring greater access to housing and employment to people in all counties in WA State.

2018-2019 Legislative Session Updates